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AbilityScreen® is the world’s first job simulator that measures a technical candidate’s true ability.

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“Posting a job at TrueAbility not only gets me access to a targeted group of professionals, it allows me to spend my time with the most valuable and pre-qualified candidates.”

Everet T., Rackspace

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Posting your job on TrueAbility™ is about more than just getting resumes, it’s about finding the best technical talent for your company. Our AbilityScreen is a job posting combined with an interactive technical assessment on a real server for candidates to complete as part of their application. You select the four key technical skills that your ideal employee should possess, and we’ll create it instantly.

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Publish your job posting to thousands of Linux professionals in the TrueAbility community, many which can’t be reached on traditional job boards. TrueAbility is their destination to improve their skills, learn, and get better at the technology they are passionate about. Our job board gives Linux pros the opportunity to apply their knowledge for a new career.

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Receive Pre-Qualified Candidates

Tecnical professionals prefer proving their skills to potential employers. AbilityScreen makes it easy for passive candidates everywhere to explore your job opportunity with an online technical interview. Candidates can “Take a Technical Interview Now” to prove their ability to do your job.

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Qualify Candidates From All Job Boards

A simple, shareable URL connects your entire candidate pipeline directly to your AbilityScreen. Qualify candidates from anywhere by including the URL in a job posting on LinkedIn, Monster, Dice and others. This allows you to view all your candidates in one place, at TrueAbility.

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Hire Faster and Hire the Best!

Thanks to TrueAbility’s AbilityScreen, you’ll no longer be found digging through resumes for keywords that match your open position, and technical phone screens are a thing of the past. Top technical talent will do the work for you as they complete your online technical interview. Save time by contacting the candidates who have proven their true ability.

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